Collection: Women's Sheepskin Slippers

Discover our all-natural range of women’s exceptionally comfortable sheepskin slippers. We have designed them to be simple and modern to keep you looking and feeling great even when you’re staying in. Your home will feel better with the sheepskin soft and plush slippers. Choose slip-on, open-toe, or home boots in neutral or bright colors. 

MerinoMood sheepskin slippers are made with real sheepskin and are oh-so  comfy. Some of our slippers are made with hard soles so you can still wear them outdoors to take the bins out or collect your posts. Slippers have a super soft sheepskin fur lining that will mold to your foot shape over time. They are nonslip soles, and they are easy to wipe clean too, making them very practical and hard-wearing.

Shearling sheepskin slippers are great for any season. The natural properties of sheepskin keep you cool during the summer and warm in wintertime because of the breathing property of the wool’s hollow fibers. It is always comfortable because it is extremely soft and provides a comfortable air cushion that acts as a temperature insulator. It is recommended to wear slippers on bare feet. 

Only specifically chosen sheepskins are used to produce slippers to make footwear durable and long-lasting. Shop our unisex slippers handcrafted to perfection and made from top-quality sheepskin. We promise you it’s going to be an experience you’ll never want to let go of.


1. What makes MerinoMood sheepskin slippers different from other slippers?

MerinoMood sheepskin slippers are made with genuine sheepskin, providing exceptional comfort and softness. Some also have stiff soles for outdoor use, making them versatile.

2. Are these women's sheepskin slippers suitable for wearing outdoors?

Yes, some of our sheepskin slippers come with stiff soles, allowing you to wear them outdoors for tasks like taking out the trash or collecting mail.

3. How do the sheepskin slippers feel on the feet?

Our slippers have a super soft sheepskin fur lining that molds to your foot shape over time, ensuring maximum comfort.

4. Do these slippers have nonslip soles?

Yes, all our slippers feature nonslip soles, providing safety and stability when walking indoors.

5. Are the sheepskin slippers easy to clean?

Yes, they are easy to wipe clean, making them practical and durable for everyday use.

6. What are the benefits of women’s sheepskin for different seasons?

Sheepskin slippers are suitable for all seasons. They keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter due to the natural properties of sheepskin and its wool's hollow fibers, which regulate temperature.

7. Should I wear these slippers with or without socks?

It is recommended to wear these slippers on bare feet to experience their comfort and the temperature-regulating properties of sheepskin fully.

8. What materials are used to make these women’s slippers?

Only specifically chosen sheepskins are used in the production of our slippers to ensure durability and longevity. They are handcrafted from top-quality sheepskin.

9. Can I expect long-lasting durability from these slippers?

Our slippers are crafted with quality in mind, and we promise that you'll have an experience you won't want to let go of due to their durability and comfort.