Collection: Women Shearling and Sheepskin Coats

A women’s sheepskin coat is an all-time beautiful classic that looks and feels great. It’s an exquisite, luxurious coat made from natural, thick, silky, and curly short-haired boucle sheepskin. A sheepskin coat not only warms your body but also gives a feeling of comfort and coziness on cold days.

Crafted from the best quality sheepskin from remote Tian Shan mountains and valleys, these coats dress you for days or evenings with lovely head-to-toe protection. A wide and high collar protects from wind and cold. The long coverage adds elegance while defending you from wind and cold for an everyday coat that goes everywhere.

Sheepskin has some  significant qualities that are not inherent in other materials. It repels dirt and has natural self-cleaning properties. It also has  excellent insulation and breathability quality. These kinds of coats are low maintenance. It is enough to periodically air the coat to stay  clean for a long time.

The exceptional quality of our products is environmentally friendly and procured conscientiously using the most modern technologies. Investing in this apparel that will last for generations will never disappoint you. Select your coat with patience, and you will not get tired of wearing it for years.


1. What makes a woman’s sheepskin coat unique?

A women's sheepskin coat is a luxurious and classic garment crafted from natural, thick, silky, and curly short-haired boucle sheepskin. It provides warmth, comfort, and coziness, making it perfect for cold days.

2. Where is the sheepskin for these coats sourced from?

Our sheepskin coats are crafted from the highest quality sheepskin sourced from the remote Tian Shan mountains and valleys.

3. What are the design features of the women's sheepskin coat?

The coat boasts a wide and high collar for protection against wind and cold. Its long coverage adds an element of elegance while offering optimal protection from the elements.

4. What are the unique qualities of sheepskin?

Sheepskin possesses several distinct qualities. It naturally repels dirt, has self-cleaning properties, and offers excellent insulation and breathability. These attributes are not commonly found in other materials.

5. How do I maintain and care for my women’s sheepskin coat?

These coats are low maintenance. It's recommended to periodically air the coat to ensure it remains clean and fresh. Sheepskin's natural properties help it resist dirt and odors.

6. Are Merinomood's sheepskin products environmentally friendly?

Yes, the exceptional quality of our products is not only of the highest standard but also environmentally friendly. We procure our materials conscientiously, using the most modern and sustainable technologies.

7. How long can I expect my women's sheepskin coat to last?

With proper care, our sheepskin coats are designed to last for generations. The durability and timeless design ensure you'll cherish and wear it for years.

8. How do I choose the right sheepskin coat for me?

We advise selecting your coat with patience, considering your style preferences and size. Our range offers various designs to cater to individual tastes, ensuring you find a coat you'll love to wear for years.