Collection: Men's Sheepskin Coats

Sheepskin coat has a long history. After all, since ancient times, sheepskin coats were worn by shepherds and Mongols who grazed sheep and hunted all year round. It is also known that peasants in ancient Russia widely used sheepskin coats, then the product did not have fasteners, and it was wrapped from right to left or even worn wide open. These coats did not hinder movements, perfectly retained heat, and allowed to carry on with any business on fierce winter days.

Unlike a fur coat, a sheepskin coat is worn with fur inside, emphasizing the wide shoulders of the owner. A distinctive feature of the sheepskin coat is a wide high collar that protects from wind and cold. The sheepskin coat's average length also helps average  retain heat without compromising the active movements of the owner, whether in the city or village, hunting or fishing.

There is a selection of different colors of sheepskin coats: white, grey, and dark brown. Since the product is made of genuine natural leather, it can be worn by people with sensitive skin. The fur is hypoallergenic and has excellent insulation and breathability quality.

The exceptional quality of our products is environmentally friendly and procured conscientiously using the most modern technologies. Investing in this apparel that will last for generations will never disappoint you. Select your coat with patience, and you will not get tired of wearing it for years.

The sheepskin shearling coat men is a timeless piece that offers both comfort and style. Since ancient times, shepherds, Mongols, and Russian peasants have donned this apparel, proving its unparalleled warmth and durability. The men's natural sheepskin coat is unique in its design, meant to be worn with the fur inside, thereby highlighting the broad shoulders of its wearer.

A men's long sheepskin coat is not just a winter essential but also a testament to masculine elegance. With its wide high collar, it acts as a shield against biting winds and severe cold. Its average length is perfect for ensuring warmth while not restricting any active movements, making it ideal for city streets, village pathways, hunting trips, or fishing adventures.

With a myriad of choices in colors like white, grey, and dark brown, there's a sheepskin coat for every style preference. Since the coat is crafted from genuine natural leather, even those with sensitive skin can easily wear it. The fur lining is hypoallergenic, ensuring top-notch insulation and breathability.

As a leading manufacturer of natural sheepskin clothing, Merino Mood prioritizes environmental responsibility and ensures our processes integrate the latest technologies. Our commitment to quality ensures you're investing in a coat that stands the test of time, becoming a cherished heirloom across generations. Take your time in selecting the perfect sheepskin coat, and you'll find it remains a wardrobe staple for years to come.