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5 reasons to choose sheepskin seat pads

     Natana Nikola
     Fur Industry Technology Consultant


Natural sheepskin seat pads: 5 main advantages


Among the benefits to support the fact that a sheepskin seat pad is the best option, the following can be highlighted:

  1. The main advantage of sheepskin is its naturalness and environmental friendliness. Sheep fur is characterized by the ability to give "dry" heat due to a special structure. Thick dense fur between the pile has a layer of air, giving low thermal conductivity, perfectly preserving the temperature and simultaneously removing excess moisture with its rapid evaporation. Thus, your back and thighs will never get cold, but neither will you sweat because of the greenhouse effect. Sheepskin, like no other fur, is able to ensure optimal temperature and comfort, especially in the lumbar region. And it is very pleasant to touch, visually beautiful and looks quite prestigious. Dry heat is useful for bones and joints, especially for those people who have to stay behind the wheel for a long time, as well as in various disorders of the musculoskeletal system. But the benefits of sheepskin are not limited to the cold autumn and winter season. It is simply indispensable during sultry summer. Those who tried to sit in a hot car on uncovered natural or eco leather can appreciate its advantages. You can not only experience discomfort, but even get light burns. The beauty of sheepskin is that it is simply unable to overheat and it is safe and pleasant to sit on it.


  1. The second upside of why a sheepskin car seat pad is a godsend for its owner is the healing qualities and hypoallergenic properties of sheepskin. This is evidenced by its use since ancient times for weakened infants. By the way, Jesus Christ was wrapped in sheep's fur in the manger immediately after birth. Learn all about natural sheepskin for newborns and babies here. The use of sheepskin as a pad on the seat allows you to avoid many diseases inherent in those who, due to circumstances or job, have to spend a long time behind the wheel. For example, cab drivers, public transit drivers, logistic workers, long-haul truckers and others. Due to its density and elasticity, sheep fur is able to perform the functions of micro-massage, improving blood circulation and preventing stagnation, which has a favorable effect on the genitourinary system, joints and muscles. To enhance the preventive and therapeutic effect, you can buy a sheepskin vest for men. It will be rational if the sheepskin covers only the seat itself and does not extend to the back of the chair.


  1. Sheepskin on the car seat is also worth buying for the third reason, namely its excellent performance characteristics - durability, wear resistance and ease of care. Sheepskin fur is easy to care for: it can be simply shaken out, ventilated, cleaned, in case of heavy soiling, even washed in a washing machine at low temperature and delicate mode.


  1. Natural sheepskin pads have a distinct anti-slip effect. This means that they will not move out and they will not have to be constantly corrected. And the person will sit firmly and confidently, will not be distracted to correct an uncomfortable position.

5. Another plus is the great appearance of sheepskin. Depending on the length and processing, the fur can be long and short, smooth and shaggy, straight and with curls. But especially elegant and presentable looks mouton sheepskin fur pad made of natural sheepskin. It is distinguished by an enhanced gloss and silkiness, something reminiscent of fur of beaver lamb, but more pronounced.


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How to wisely choose a sheepskin pad for a car seat?

In this matter, you should be guided by your own priorities and such factors:

  • The number of products. You must decide how many seats are going to be covered with sheepskin - all or only the driver's seat. Quite often limited to the two front seats, so as not to introduce asymmetrical dissonance in the interior of the salon. There are many ideas on how sheepskin for the interior is used. 
  • Length of fur. Short fur is more convenient in use and care, and long fur requires more delicate treatment, but looks more spectacular.
  • The size and shape of the pad- either it will be a small blanket or a full cover on the car seat.
  • The conditions of use of the car. If you have to spend a lot of time in it, it is better not to save on the cover, and truckers can even be advised to buy men's home slippers made of sheepskin for trips. This will help restore blood circulation in the feet and give them a full rest during stops.


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Care recommendations

The sheepskin pad will faithfully serve long time, if you observe such rules:

  • Accidentally wet pad should be shaken out and dried at room temperature away from heating devices.
  • Remove minor stains with an eraser or rubber brush.
  • Comb periodically with a rubber brush to prevent piling.
  • In case of heavy stains, sheepskin should be washed at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees in a gentle soap solution or be taken to a dry cleaner.

If you follow these simple recommendations, a fur pad of natural sheepskin will please you with its beauty, comfort, warmth and practicality for many years.


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