Sheepskin for Baby and Newborn

Sheepskin for Baby and Newborn

     Natana Nikola
     Fur Industry Technology Consultant




A newborn refers to a child from the day he or she is born until the age of four weeks. Then comes the infant period, which lasts until the age of 1 year. Both the newborn and the infant are considered babies. Naturally, when presenting a gift for the baby coming, no one thinks about it specifically, but intuitively chooses things that will be needed for a little person up to his or her first year. Relevant are vests, diapers, onesies, baby shoes, blankets, newborn envelopes and other elements of the closet. But the special benefit and comfort will provide natural sheepskin for newborns. Things made of it will make a new family member healthier, calmer, and his or her sleep more sound. In the cool season, sheepskin will warm his or her body, allow to walk in any weather and crawl on the floor without unpleasant consequences.


How to determine whether it is sheepskin or not? 


Natural sheepskin can be distinguished by such properties:

  • Color. Sheepskin is usually beige, amber or cream.
  • Odor. There is no odor from the natural material at all or a specific smell of leather is felt. The presence of a slight chemical odor of paint and lacquer will indicate the artificial origin of the material.
  • When you run your hand over the fur, its surface will change from glossy to matte and back. Such shimmers are peculiar only to natural products.
  • If the fur is rubbed, the artificial version will unpleasantly squeak, which is not characteristic of real sheepskin.

Another factor is the price. Natural sheepskin will never be featured by a low price. Especially since products for children are made of medical sheepskin safe for health with a minimal gentle processing. 


sheepskin for baby


Can things made of sheepskin be worn by newborns?


Natural sheepskin has been used by mankind for almost 7000 years. At the same time, it has not lost its relevance today, in the age of high technology and innovative materials. Many parents are wary of buying any fur clothing for children, considering fur a rather allergenic material. But sheepskin favorably differs against this background with its hypoallergenicity. Therefore, sheepskin clothing for children can be used from the earliest age, including the infancy period.


By the way, according to legend, the newborn Jesus Christ was placed on a sheepskin. Especially they note the benefit of sheepskin for weakened and premature infants. This is evidenced not only by the statements of ancient healers, but also by the research of modern scientists, in particular ones from Cambridge University.


Benefits of sheepskin for babies


Sheepskin for newborns has a number of useful features:

  • Due to its increased heat capacity, sheepskin has excellent warming properties - it heats up quickly and keeps warm for a long time.
  • Increased hygroscopicity allows natural sheepskin to absorb 35-48% of moisture, quickly removing it from the body to the environment. At the same time, it dries quickly with full restoration of the ability to absorb moisture. It is the increased heat capacity and moisture absorption that sheepskin provides the so-called "dry" heat. It has long been known that it is almost impossible to sweat in sheepskin fur. For a newborn, sheepskin is like a kind of natural incubator with heating, which is very important for maintaining a not yet fully formed system of thermoregulation in the baby.
  • Sheepskin does not accumulate static electricity, i.e. it does not electrify.
  • Thanks to the special structure of the lint, it repels dirt.
  • It has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory properties due to lanolin covering the wool.
  • Does not irritate the delicate skin of the newborn and even heals wounds well due to the same lanolin.  
  • Stimulates peripheral circulation, provides a gentle massage.
  • Sleeping on sheepskin for a newborn becomes calmer - the baby wakes up less often and cries less. 

 There are other properties of sheepskin, useful for babies.


medical grade sheepskin for newborn

What kind of clothes are made of sheepskin for babies?


For newborns, a lot of things are made of sheepskin, including:

  • Fur envelopes. In such an attire, the baby will never get cold even during a long walk. He or she will not catch a cold, as the baby will not sweat, and it will be comfortable for him or her to be in this cozy and "breathable" house made of natural fur. And this material is characterized by increased wear resistance and durability, so when the baby outgrows his envelope, the latter can be sold, as it will not have time to lose its saleable condition.
  • Baby overalls. Suitable for the age when the child is walked in the cold winter season. And it does not matter if he or she is in a stroller or already trying to make the first steps. Buying children's winter sheepskin overalls should ensure that the baby is warm and comfortable.
  • Baby shoes. These are the very first shoes in the life of the baby. Baby shoes made of natural sheepskin will provide the tiny feet warmth and comfort, and will be a great gift for a newborn. They can be given at discharge from the hospital, used on walks, to visit the pediatrician and just warm the feet during air baths at home or on the street. Here you can buy sheepskin baby shoes.
  • To a baby who begins to walk, you can give  boots made of sheepskin. They are warm, soft, comfortable to wear, easy to put on and almost "unbreakable" shoes for home. They differ from the baby shoes by the presence of a low boot top and wear-resistant sole made of more rigid and durable material. Giving chuni shoes for the delivery, you cannot go wrong. Your gift will be needed in a few months, but it will be just in time. 

To this list, you can add blankets, small throw blankets, hats, muffs, mittens and other sheepskin products. If you want to make the perfect gift, then the best fit is a whole sheepskin for newborns, which you can buy separately and then sew the necessary thing in the atelier according to the taken measure. You can even sew it oversized to extend the "life" of the gift.


How to determine whether it is sheepskin or not? What is the difference between sheepskin and sheep wool?


The difference between sheepskin and sheep wool is that the latter is fur sheared from animals and attached to a synthetic base. Sheepskin is skin stripped from sheep, so if you pull apart the fleeces, you can clearly see the skin's typical porous structure. So be sure to check whether the lint grows out of the pores or is simply technologically attached to a fabric or other base.

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