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Why are sheepskins good for your health?


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Sheepskins have been used by people for more than 7000 years to make clothing, shoes, and home textiles. However, its advantages are not only in the warmth and beauty of the leather and wool, but also in the innate properties that contribute to the health of the human body. The effects of using sheepskin were known to ancient healers, and sheepskin is used by modern medicine to improve the health of babies and treat more than 20 diseases in adults. For medicinal purposes, the wool of the Australian merino breed is most often used, but sheepskins from other breeds also have a positive effect on people's well-being.

What is sheepskin good for?

Sheepskin comes in three main types:

  1. Shearling - for sheepskin coats and jackets, as well as some decorative items.
  2. Leather - used for the production of leather, suede and velour.
  3. Fur type - used for the production of fur coats, fur lining, hats, collars, and decorative items. Medical grade sheepskin is also produced from fur sheepskin.

It is worth emphasizing the useful properties of sheepskin:

  • High hygroscopicity – the ability of the wool to absorb and eliminate excess moisture efficiently
  • Excellent thermoregulation
  • High wear resistance – a natural sheepskin product will serve you for many years
  • Lanolin – a substance that adds unique properties to sheepskin, helping to reduce fatigue and swelling


medical grade sheepskin


Is sheepskin good for sleeping?

Sheepskin can absorb moisture up to 35 percent of its own weight. This property is called hygroscopicity. For comparison, cotton has a hygroscopicity of 16 to 24 percent, depending on the way the threads are woven, while synthetic fabrics have a hygroscopicity of 1 to 7 percent.

There is an interesting story behind this property. In an effort to cultivate hygiene, authorities in various northern countries introduced the use of cotton underwear. This led to a record increase in the incidence of acute respiratory infections and pneumonia. Before that, the inhabitants of cold northern regions did not get sick because they were warmed with sheepskin in two layers: one pile next to the body and the second outside. The first absorbed all the moisture, leaving the skin dry and preventing the feeling of wetness, and the second ensured the cold stayed outside. Replacing the bottom layer with cotton caused people to sweat while they worked, and the fabric absorbed the sweat and vapor, becoming wet. This led to the body growing damp, getting cold, and the person getting sick.

Despite the high hygroscopicity of sheepskin products, they are the best choice for the cold season.

This property will be valuable for those whose feet sweat a lot. Buy women's slippers from natural sheepskin, as well as those for men, it is worth it to keep your feet warm, dry and odorless.


sheepskin slippers


Improving blood circulation and the work of the musculoskeletal system

The health benefits of sheepskin lie in its ability to protect the body. Lambskin wool is so dense that it can hold a person's weight without completely crumpling. If you lie down on a sheep’s wool rug, you will never touch the flooring directly. And you won't feel the cold from below, either, due to the air between the hairs; this further reduces heat conduction.

This density and, at the same time, being filled with air ensures the elasticity of the wool and good body support. One seems to hover over a hard surface, while the load on the joints, muscles, and spine is reduced. You relax, and the tone of your musculature becomes normal. For the same reason, resting on a blanket and pillow made of sheepskin stimulates the normalization of blood circulation: fingers stop being cold and headaches go away. We also recommend looking at sheepskin pillows. When using sheepskin for your sleep, your rest will be deeper and muscle stiffness will gradually disappear, normalizing the blood supply to the brain and improving your general well-being.


sheepskin pillow and hides


Heat therapy for joints and muscles

Sheepskin is very warm. If you wrap a sheepskin product around a sore joint with the wool inside, you will feel a pleasant warmth. The heat appears because the air between the hairs is warmed by your body, but the heat does not escape through the wool itself. That’s why sheepskin can be a good dry heat therapy to use as an additional therapy for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including arthritis, rheumatism, back and neck pain, and joint injuries.

You do not have to wait for something to hurt to reap the benefits. Sheepskin can also be used for prevention:

  • If you have meteo-sensitivity—pain in the joints in rainy weather—the sheepskin's gentle warmth might help reduce discomfort. If old healed fractures or injuries hurt, warming them with fur can help to remove the unpleasant, dull ache.
  • When doing prolonged work at the computer, being forced to stay in one position for a long time may cause muscle spasms and soreness. You can prevent spasms and their consequences by covering the tense place with a sheepskin pelt, pillow, vest, belt, or other sheepskin product during a break or after work.

If you plan to be outdoors for a long time when it is cold or even hard frost, to avoid catching cold and developing sore joints, it is worth warming up with sheepskin. Buying a vest of sheepskin for men, women, and children is worth it as a demi-seasonal independent heater, and as an underdress for a winter down jacket. Sheepskin can also be purchased as a scarf, dickey, mittens, socks, slippers, etc.


sheepskin man vests


Is real sheepskin worth it?

Sheepskin contains a natural enzyme - lanolin. It is quite difficult to synthesize it in pure 100% form. Sheepskin products which contain lanolin in large quantities will work just as well as cream containing lanolin. For example, wearing sheepskin mittens regularly will keep your hand skin elastic and slow down aging. Moreover, sleeping under a sheepskin blanket will improve the tone of the whole skin by normalizing blood circulation. Also wool together with sweat will remove toxins from the body, which will have a positive effect on skin health: rashes, irritation and other dermatological problems will go away.

Lanolin has a wound-healing and soothing effect, works as an antiseptic and removes intertrigo. This substance has other properties that have a systemic effect:

  • Normalizes the processes of gas exchange
  • It has an analgesic effect
  • Acts as a tonic
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduces the effects of stress and fatigue

This impact on the body reflects on the skin: it becomes more elastic, eliminates excessive dryness, reduces the manifestations of eczema and psoriasis.

Is sheepskin anti-microbial?

In pediatrics, they have known for a long time why sheepskin is useful. It is suitable for babies from the first days of life. In medicine, it is used to create comfortable dry warmth for the baby before and after discharge from the maternity hospital, as well as in pediatric physiotherapy. This is due to the same properties as adults benefit from: hygroscopicity, breathability, heat retention, elasticity, and proper body support. Only Merino breed lambskin is used for medical purposes, as it is the thickest, softest, and easiest to clean—simply airing it away from the heater is enough. In general, the care of sheepskin products of other breeds is similar. 

Sheepskins are also used to wrap babies in the stroller, as well as for mats, blankets, sheepskin coats, vests, and more. Often, parents note that regular use of sheepskin products helps children sleep more soundly and be calmer in general.

In our online shop, you will find sheepskin for every occasion: our beautiful, natural sheepskin will delight you with its beauty, comfort, and health benefits.


medical sheepskin for babys
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