Soft Sheepskin baby booties

Soft Sheepskin baby booties

     Natana Nikola
     Fur Industry Technology Consultant



Baby booties are the first shoes for your baby. Many caring and practical parents choose booties made from natural sheepskin made without harsh chemicals in production. They provide warmth and are comfortable to wear even if it's -15°C outside. They are made in three sizes and colors, suitable from day one till 18-24 months. It’s great to wear them inside and outside, they’re perfect for long walks, going shopping, seeing a doctor or just chilling at home. Let’s explore five reasons why you should consider buying sheepskin slippers for your baby.


  • Natural material.


Sheepskin booties are made from natural medical sheepskin whole skin. Why is it called medical? Sheepskin used to make these baby booties are processed through a tanning method that does not include usage of any chemicals. Velcro fastenings delicately wrap the ankles and keep baby feet in place. Take first confident steps in our sheepskin baby booties with natural suede sole. 


  • Hypoallergenic


When it comes to baby products, it’s important to pay special attention to safety and the quality. Organic sheepskin contains a special ingredient called lanolin. This ingredient prevents occurrence of allergies, irritations and inflammations. This material let’s feet stay warm and dry, letting air in and out and absorbing moisture. 


  • Affordable price.


One of the main factors when buying is the price of the product. The price of our baby booties is the golden mean between price and quality. According to our reviews, our customers were especially happy with this product. 


  • Easy to order. 


It is really easy to order a pair of baby booties. You just need to choose the right size and click to add to cart and proceed to payment. Once you have made an order the item will be dispatched within three days. It will be delivered in 5 business days with DHL. THe tracking number will be sent to your e-mail. 


  • Eco-friendly packaging. 


It’s hard to argue that baby booties are one of the best baby shower gifts for new parents. We made eco-friendly packaging  - canvas bags that highlight the natural qualities of baby booties. We will send you baby booties in a canvas bag placed in a box that will preserve its form and  the original appearance of your gift upon delivery. 

Sheepskin baby booties are made for baby girls and baby boys. You can choose between three colors depending on the baby's outerwear: milky white, beige and aubergine. Sheepskin baby booties are handcrafted from the softest natural sheepskin. Light and warm booties with velcro fastenings delicately wrap the ankle and keep baby feet in place. It is breathable and keeps feet dry and warm in the most reliable way. In winter it is warm and sweat-free in the summer months. Have unforgettable memories of taking first steps and discovering something new together every day in softest baby booties. Stay close to nature and wear natural outerwear for long lasting comfort and pleasure. 

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