How to Wear Men’s sheepskin vest?

How to Wear Men’s sheepskin vest?

   Natana Nikola
   Fur Industry Technology Consultant


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One of the unsung heroes of the winter and fall is the vest. It is surprising to find out how single sheepskin vest can open up combination possibilities of your wardrobe. You don’t have to wear same old sweater everyday. We are going to break down all the ways to rock your vest in coming seasons. 


Match the waistcoat with a shirt.

Your favorite shirt, comfortable jeans, and a sheepskin vest is a ready-made everyday look. Its moderately casual and convenient to wear at work, outdoors or at home. As for shoes, you may choose sneakers or boots, the ones that you like more.




Adding textures. Complement a sheepskin shearling waistcoat with a corduroy shirt.

If you want to vary your look a little, you may add interesting details, or replace the regular plane shirt with a corduroy one. A corduroy shirt and vest should channel the suaveness of a seventies gigolo rather than geekiness of a geography teacher. It’s a great balance between comfort and style. Team sheepskin vest with corduroy shirt with selvedge jeans and western-inspired work boots. 


The utmost convenience. Combine a sheepskin vest with a sports hoodie.

It is difficult to imagine any modern person without a hoodie in the wardrobe. We are confident that this combination with a sheepskin vest will become one of the most comfortable and favorite outfits. Layer up your look by putting on the vest over a classic hoodie. Pair these top layers with jeans and sneakers and you will be ready for the long weekend.



Men’s shearling vest as a way to make layering. Pair it with a field jacket.

Consider another way to create an interesting look using layering. Use a shearling waistcoat with a light jacket, for example by wearing a waistcoat over a field jacket. This combination makes your look not only more stylish but also convenient in practical terms. When it comes to fashion, layering helps to create a new look by combining a jacket and a sheepskin waistcoat. Natural sheepskin’s ability to retain body heat keeps you warm regardless of the weather.


The timeless classic. Combine a sheepskin vest with a sweater.

As an outerwear piece sheepskin vest with a sweater can take you through the most unpredictable transitional seasons where the day could start warm and end cold. It’s a classic look which allows you to stay relaxed and show off your style. Finalize this outfit with nicely fitted denim and boots. 



Add elegance. Complement a vest with a turtleneck.

Consider an up-to-date and very elegant solution to combat the cold with a sheepskin vest and a turtleneck. A turtlenecks are already winter’s warrior’s best friend, but try to avoid full polyester or acrylic based knitwear. Choose only natural materials like merino and sheepskin. Try combining dark turtleneck with a khaki sheepskin vest, chinos and classic boots.


Stand out from the crowd. Pair a vest with a bright turtleneck.

The combination of a bright-colored turtleneck with a real sheepskin vest would work for those men who are willing to catch some eyeballs. Various accessories, such as fashionable sunglasses will work well together to make your look even more interesting.


T-shirt combined with a sheepskin vest. Perfect solution for warmer weather.

Combining a T-shirt with a sheepskin vest is a solution that is perfect for early spring or autumn, when the weather is mostly unpredictable. This outfit is characterized by maximum functionality and easily adapts to different climate conditions. This combination protects from the cold wind, but also prevents overheating under the sun.

If you don’t have a vest yet, what are you waiting for? A vest is a versatile layer that will take your style to the next level no matter whether you are going to work, outdoors it will be a great complement to your look and will give you an ultimate comfort and warmth throughout seasons. Men's sheepskin vest can become one of the main heroes of fall and winter wardrobes. Select you vest with patience and you will not get tired of wearing it for years. 

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